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College Colors Appreciation Day!

With Football season upon us we thought it would be appropriate to scan the web and find a few items that will help you plan a College Color Appreciation Day with your residents! Which is an official day, September 1.

Games & Activities that need little to nothing!

  • Let everyone dress in their alma-mater or favorite team either by wearing a jersey or team colors. Or even have them dress as referees, football players or cheerleaders.
  • See if your residents have any throwback photos of their time spent in college.
  • Go beyond! Contact your local high school and see if the band will come play for the residents from the parking lot. Maybe even the cheerleaders and football players. (Be sure to get your residents to wear the team colors to show their support) This may even be good publicity for your local newspaper or the High School paper.
  • Have a tailgate themed party or happy hour. Use some of these easy to make tissue paper pom poms for some of the decorations or these pennants and megaphones. Easily add the residents’ names or their favorite team to them and string them together in your activity room or use on their front door for decoration.


  • Tie strings around water bottles let the resident hold one end tied to a wooden dowel.  See who can roll the string around the dowel without tipping over the water bottle.  
  • Pull out the cornhole games, ring toss or even do a painter’s tape tic tac toe board and use bean bags to play.
  • Here’s an cute minute to win it type game. Gather a stack of red solo cups (about 19) and only one blue one (for a total of 20 cups). (You’ll need a stack for each team participating) players must take one cup from the top of the stack and move it to the bottom until they have reached the blue cup at the bottom again, then repeat the process with all other participants on the team. The game continues in this way until the blue cup has gone through the entire stack of cups and resumes its original place at the bottom. Check it out here.

YouTube Videos

Conversation Starters for your 1-on-1s

  • Did you go to college?  
  • What was your favorite thing about your school?
  • What was your mascot?
  • What was your major?
  • What clubs or activities were you involved in?

College & Football Themed Movies to Watch

  • House Bunny (2008) PG-13
  • Legally Blonde (2001) PG-13
  • Accepted (2006) PG-13
  • Pitch Perfect (2012) PG-13
  • The Internship (2003) PG-13
  • Remember The Titans (2003) PG
  • Brian’s Song (1971) G
  • Leatherheads (2008) PG-13
  • The Blind Side (2009) PG-13
  • The Longest Yard (2005) PG-13
  • Friday Night Lights (2006-2011) TV Series – TV-14
  • The Replacements (2000) PG-13
  • Rudy (1993) PG
  • Radio (2003) PG
  • Little Giants (1994) PG
  • The Waterboy (1998) PG-13
  • We Are Marshall (2006) PG
  • The Game Plan (2007) PG

Printable Products for College Colors Day