Did you know that you can use your TV or request a flyer to play Bingo with your residents during this time of “Social Distancing”?

Here’s how it works!

Delightfully Distanced Bingo

  1. Pass out Bingo Cards to your Residents! 
  2. Draw 10- 15 Daily Bingo Numbers! Send us those numbers and we can:
  • Make a Flyer:  Flyers can be printed and passed to residents
  • Post in your TV Display Program: This works great if you have a community channel/inroom tv at your location! 

3. When a resident Bingos, they get a new card and a prize!  Winners can be featured in your TV display (send us a photo and the resident name!) OR we can make a flyer of winners! 

4. You can also continue the game by providing a raffle ticket to all winners and doing a weekly or monthly raffle for a Grand Bingo Prize Winner!! 

This game is designed to be on ongoing Bingo Game for your residents to keep them in anticipation of the numbers for the next day!! 

Hallway Bingo

This game is for smaller areas that are allowing doors open for some activities.

  1. Each resident sits/stands in their doorway with their bingo cards.
  2. The person calling bingo numbers stands at the end of the hallway and calls them out however they are able. You can use microphones and PA systems or small speaker, megaphone, or the plain old-fashioned custom of yelling out the numbers!

Need Bingo Supplies? We’ve got you covered!