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We have curated some inspiration for your journey to Portugal!

The village Carvoeiro in the Algarve Portugal.

Check out this Portugal Google Arts & Culture page loaded with celebrations, music crafts, and food ideas you can incorporate into your travel destination.

Google Arts & Culture: Portugal


Crafts to Do

Lisbon is known for their painted tiles and cobblestone streets, so here’s a craft you can easily do with your residents. Also Since Portugal produces half the world’s cork, which is used in wine bottles we found a few  ideas you can use for all those saved-up corks!

Virtual Tours & YouTube Links


  • Casanova Variations, drama fantasy, NR, 2014
  • That Good Night, 2017, drama
  • Belle Epoque, 1992, R, Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • The Last Run, 1971 GP, Action, Crime, Drama
  • Lisbon Story, 1994, PG, Drama, Music

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