Passover Activity Page

We have curated some ways that you can celebrate Passover!

Things to do that need very little

  • Have a Seder Cup decorating contest from our printable sheet
  • Make a Matzah house out of Matzah and Nutella – make sure to use red licorice for the door!

Video Links for celebrating at home

  • Echad Mi Yodea SHTAR offers a tune that shares a name with a classic Seder song that is beautifully composed for both your listening pleasure and your intellectual stimulation.
  • Maccabeats Four Questions – The Maccabeats were the first to launch a viral Jewish video, and they have grown to be quite creative in finding ways to make beautiful and unique presentations of Jewish a capella music- this video features human voices and sounds from objects found on the Seder table: VIEW HERE

Printable Products for Passover