Ramadan Activity Page

We have curated some ways that you can celebrate or educate residents about Ramadan!

Ramadan is the Holy Month in the Islamic Calendar when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for approximately 30 days. Doing so is one of the five pillars of Islam. The dates change annually as they’re determined by the sighting of a new moon – for many Muslims, from Saudi Arabia. The start and end of Ramadan will be declared the day before.

Can non-Muslims get involved?
Definitely. Even if you haven’t been fasting, you are still welcome to join. Here are a few ways you can get involved…

  • Exchange Ramadan greetings, especially at the beginning of the month. The word ‘Kareem’ in the phrase ‘Ramadan Kareem’ is the equivalent to ‘generous’, so the expression means ‘Wish you generous Ramadan’. We have included these in our activity booklet.
  • Get into the charitable spirit during the Holy Month by donating to Ramadan camps, care packages, and other charity organizations.
  • Fast along with your Muslim colleagues for a day or two (or just one meal) and break the fast together at the time of iftar.

Things to do that need very little

  • Choose a chairty and create a charity jar
  • In some Muslim nations like Egypt or Morocco, lanterns are used to welcome Ramadan. Make paper lanterns and use them to decorate.
  • Learn about the moon phases – the moon plays an important role in Ramadan. It’s a win-win educational opportunity. Here’s a free printable game!

Videos to help you learn about Ramadan

Our Ramadan Movie List

  •  The Message (1976) | PG | 177 min | Biography, Drama, History – This epic historical drama chronicles the life and times of Prophet Muhammad and serves as an introduction to early Islamic history.
  •  Koran by Heart (2011) | TV-G | 90 min | Documentary, News – A global contest reading of the Quran by young Muslim children that takes place in Cairo, Egypt annually during Ramadan. A coming of age story about Muslim kids in modern times.
  •  Journey to Mecca (2009) | 45 min | Drama, History – One of the greatest travellers in human history, twenty-one-year-old law student Ibn Battutah set out alone to Mecca from Tangiers in 1325 and returned to Morocco almost thirty years later. This is the story of his first pilgrimage, book-ended with never-before seen documentary footage of the contemporary Hajj. Filmed for initial presentation in IMAX and other giant screen cinemas.
  •  Mooz-Lum (2010) | PG-13 | 99 min | Drama, Family – Amid a strict Muslim rearing and a social life he’s never had, Tariq enters college confused. New peers, family and mentors help him find his place, but the 9-11 attacks force him to face his past and make the biggest decisions of his life.
  • Azur & Asmar: The Princes’ Quest (2006) | PG | 99 min | Animation, Adventure, Family – Raised by the same woman, the dark-complexioned, Asmar, and the flaxen-haired, Azur, set out on a quest to a strange and magical land to liberate the enchanting Djinn-fairy; but, only one can save her. Will the brothers be triumphant?
  •  Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football (2011) | Not Rated | 92 min | Documentary, History, News – Fordson’ follows a high school football team from Dearborn, Michigan as it prepares for its big cross-town rivalry game during the last ten days of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Printable Products for Ramadan