National Button Day Activity Page

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National Button Day!

Buttons have been made of a variety of materials. Ancient buttons were formed from natural and readily available substances such as stone, shell, bone, clay, or wood. In more modern times, metals, plastics, resins, and acrylics have been used. While buttons were usually functional to fasten two pieces of cloth together, they also served as decoration.  

While buttons today can be simple disks with two or four holes allowing a needle and thread to pass through, button makers create more elaborate designs. If you can imagine it, there’s probably a button like it. From animals and food to iconic buildings and famous people, button makers make them. They’re colorful and fun. While the fun ones may be less practical, they still function.

Activities that need little to nothing!

  • Use Buttons as your Bingo markers
  • Buttons make a great way to work on those fine motor skills
    • Thread buttons
    • Stack buttons
    • Criss Cross sew
    • Draw a pattern on paper and lay the buttons along it

Conversation Starter

Remember your mom’s button box? What were your favorites? Do you remember a special outfit your mom made for you? Where did you wear it?

Activity Booklet

Our activity booklet has a word search puzzle, a cool new make a color by number quilt (cute idea, have your residents do them then cut them out and put them all together make a huge quilt), some button history to jog those memories, and to learn new things, and the story of Dalton Stevens!

Button Crafts

There are so many fun crafts to choose from that use buttons, but here are a few we decided on:

Craft: Tic Tac Toe Travel Game – So simple, so cute, and your residents can keep them handy for younger visitors. The items are easy to gather and the instructions are printable to add to your zip lock baggy.

Get started with Christmas by decorating these cute Christmas cards- Your residents will love putting small gifts in these decorated bags.

Here are some Button Tea Lights to make too

Movies about Buttons

  • Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) PG-13
  • Buttons, A Christmas Tale (2018) PG 


For a little comedy try, Red Buttons (who never got a dinner) or for some music how about Dinah Shore’s Buttons and Bows (1948)

Here are our printable products to help round out your Button Day!