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It’s time to be a part of Hollywood’s elite!

You can have a full week of Oscar as you get your residents excited about the 96th annual Academy Awards Presentation on March 10th. Add in fun activities throughout the week to keep the Oscar buzz going!

Award Show Ideas for a good time!

  1. Decorate! Stars, bunting, and roll out that red carpet! Black, white, and gold are pretty on point for decoration colors. We have provided banners and signs to print out – scrool to our products below!
  2. Have a prediction party beforehand – Have friends go through our ballot and try to predict the winners!
  3. Play Oscar Bingo – have residents fill out their card with things that might happen on Oscar night – use things like “Someone thanks their mother”, “Getting played off before they finish their speech”, Wardrobe malfuntion”, etc. OR you can simply put in nominees and cross them off when they win!
  4. Make your own Oscar with this craft tutorial from Kidspot


Oscar Themed Food

For generic Oscar-themed food, go movie night meets glamour! 

Fancy up cheese and crackers by turning them into these cute tuxedo cheese and crackers instead. Or want to serve something a bit more substantial? Use this tutorial to make tuxedo hot dogs instead! Serve up fancy finger foods like these pulled pork sandwiches with a red cabbage slaw or these turkey meatballs on cute star toothpicks. Or these spinach artichoke cups are always a bit hit, especially since the cups look kind of like stars! Don’t want spinach artichoke dip, try these taco cups instead! 

No movie is complete without popcorn and this glittery black and white popcorn makes a perfect snack for any Oscar party!

Here’s links to the Movie List!

Don’t forget that we have our own curated playlist of videos on this subject!

Music of the Oscars

Here are our printable offerings to decorate or just have some fun!