Hanukkah 2020 Activity Sidekick

We have curated some awesome additions for your Hanukkah fun!

Games & Activities that need little to nothing!

Entertaining Snack Ideas

What would Hanukkah be without a dreidel?  Try these Marshmallow Dreidels!

All it takes is some white frosting to use as glue, blue sprinkles, a pretzel stick, and Hershey kisses. 


Nothing excites me as much as food does, and when you add that it makes a picture, well…. Bonus!  Let your residents try this.  It’s banana slices, blueberries, apple slices, and carrots.  Tip, make it “stick” to the plate with some yogurt as glue.

And how good and easy would these Hanukkah chocolate covered pretzels be for your residents to make!  Yum! 

Extra Fun We Have Found


Construct your own Paper Dreidel

We love these precious Hanukkah Greeting cards.  So simple to make.  You could even turn them into a Craft-in-a-Bag.  Just cut 9 strips of different materials (or use magazine pictures)  and 4 of matching material and use felt for the candles.  Glue them on card stock and you immediately have a lovely greeting card.

Don’t throw away toilet paper tubes!  We will always have uses for them.  This month it’s those small Hanukkah gifts.  So easy to put chapstick or nail polish in.   They can also be used as party poppers. Stuff them with gold chocolate coins, mini dreidels, tootsie rolls, and kisses.

These felt Star of David pockets would be great to make and hang on each resident’s door.  it’s easily cut and doesn’t need a hem to have a finished edge. Glue or stitch finished star pockets to lengths of ribbon, then string over a bedroom door. Each pocket (make eight) works as a pouch for a small nightly Hanukkah gift or treat. 

Hanukkah Movies to Watch

  • An American Tail, 1986, G, Animated, Adventure, Comedy 
  • Eight Crazy Nights, 2002,  PG-13, Animated, Comedy, Musical
  • Full-Court Miracle, 2003,  TV-G, Drama, Family, Sport
  • The Hebrew Hammer, 2003, R, Comedy
  • Little Fockers, 2010, PG-13, Comedy, Romance
  • Hitched for the Holidays, 2012, TV-PG, Drama Romance
  • The Holiday, 2006, PG-13, Comedy Romance 
  • Mistletoe & Menorahs, 2019, TV-PG, Drama, Romance
  • All I want is Christmas, 2012, TV-PG, Comedy, Family
  • Double Holiday, 2019, TV-PG, Drama Romance
  • Fiddler on the Roof, 1971, G, Drama, Family, Musical
  • Crossing Delancey, 1988, PG, Comedy, Romance